The clients, originally from Belgium, selected Laure Nell Interiors to design a large home to accommodate their family of seven while preserving the chic European aesthetic dear to them. We accomplished that balance by mixing jewel tones such as rich emeralds with walnut wood paired with more streamlined elements such as large marble slabs in the bathroom and lots of white space to allow the expansive space to breathe.​

Photos by Anthony J. Rayburn

Tropical Retreat
Modern Farmhouse
Gilded Glamour
Private: Mid-Century Modern
Sand Dune
Moody Blues
Natural Instincts
Scandinavian Style
Paris Pied-à-Terre
Vibrant European
Sea Breeze
Labor of Love
Modern Dance
The New Coastal
Easy Chic
Artistic Play
West Coast Vibes
Refined Contemporary
Modern Colonial Revival
Urban Glam
Warm Industrial
Clean Modern
Classic Luxury
Tranquil Contemporary Work
Tranquil Contemporary