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“I was introduced to Laetitia Laurent through a friend who had recently built a beautiful home in Boca Raton, Florida. I immediately fell in love with her aesthetic, her sense of style and her use of lavish elements. Organic designs mixed with iconic furnishing, envy-inducing artwork and opulent features. Laetitia is truly an artist who understands the space and knows how to bring each room to life. We are so beyond pleased with her work and continue to work with her to this day. I highly recommend Laure Nell Interiors not only for their professionalism, passion and creativity but more importantly how they treat you—like family.” 

— Jenn Gerla

“I’ve had a professional relationship with Laetitia for a year now and things could not be going any smoother. Her creative designs for clients have ranged from specific asks to one-off designs from her international travels. Everything from the furniture and colors to the art and even coffee table books are well thought out and have a cohesive flow throughout her spaces. No matter the project, her clients always open the door with a big smile. Laetitia is open to different ideas while still staying on track and getting the job done. It has been a pleasure and I hope to continue collaborating with Laure Nell Interiors for years to come!” 

— Anthony J. Rayburn

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