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Modern Dance Work - Laure Nell Interiors - Interior designer in Boca Raton, Florida

New Construction

Laure Nell Interiors works with architects and builders at the onset of a project to ensure the perfect home is designed and built with your lifestyle needs and aesthetic tastes at front of mind. We’ll be with you every step of the way from concept to completion. Whether we’re breaking ground, procuring products and materials, overseeing project management and budgeting during all construction phases, or installing the final result, we ensure your custom design plan is executed flawlessly at every stage.


Is your home in need of a makeover? Whether you’re combining two condo units into one residence (like our Labor of Love project), modernizing a historic home, adding on a second floor or additional wings, or wanting to give any or all of your spaces a redo, we can transform your interiors with gut renovations, updated layouts, custom millwork and built-ins, and fresh surfaces and furnishings that were designed or curated just for you.

Labor of Love
Materials, Swatches, Fabrics, Fabric Swatches


If your house already has good bones and you’re looking to outfit it with furnishings only, we have you covered. Our team can design, customize, curate and procure furniture, textiles, accessories, lighting and art from emerging and established names, high-end showrooms and hidden boutiques found locally and abroad. Our principal and founder Laetitia loves traveling with clients to coveted industry shows and Parisian shops to discover the perfect piece that will turn your house into a home.


Laetitia imparts the same well-traveled, European-inspired ethos onto restaurants and hospitality spaces as she does her residential interiors, creating immersive environments with a modern-minimalist lean that tell a story and invite guests on an alluring visual journey. Her holistic approach takes into account the entire hospitality experience from start to finish.

Labor of Love