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Learn more about the European Style Interior Design we use for each interior design project.

Welcome to Laure Nell Interiors, where you can learn and get to know more about the latest European interior design trends. From immersive Italian to timeless Victorian styles, there is something for every décor enthusiast. There are also artistic accents that can give your interiors a relaxing allure.

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Characteristics of European Interior Designs


European interior design projects boast certain elements that make them unique. Anything that takes you back to the Victorian era and features minimalist furniture, light colors, open floor plans, high ceiling, or opulent molding is considered a classic European design. Other styles borrow from nature with an emphasis on simplicity and functionality.  


European Interior Design Trends & Styles


There are multiple classic European Interior Designs you can adopt for your project. The most famed ones are Tuscan, Victorian, Mediterranean, Baroque, French, and Italian. 

European style interior design can also incorporate refreshing accent styles such as damask draperies, tapestry patterns, velvet fabrics, radiant silks, fine brocades, leather upholstery, and Aubusson rugs, amongst others.


Italian Interior Designs

Italy never fails when it comes to delivering mesmerizing designer trends. Their standards remain unmatched; most styles are both ultra-modern and luxurious.

When thinking about Italian interior design trends, popular names that come to mind include Armani, Sottsass, and Scarpa. Their craft can turn your property into a heavenly-like aboard.


French Interior Designs

French interior designs are characterized by their simple and provincial elements, and the designs are common among Properties in southern France. Despite their rustic nature, French interior design styles have a classic appeal and are beautifully nostalgic.

French-style houses boast stones, dark wood, floor tiles, wall beams, and exposed wood ceilings. Their archaic appeal has found plenty of lovers in the modern world.


Victorian Style Interior Designs


Victorian-style interior décor borrows the decoration elements employed in England during the nineteenth century. Its tenets are tidiness and ornamentation to make the interior darkly themed.

This archaic dark-style theme has practical applications in the modern day. For instance,

Victorian style is essential in entertainment rooms where too much light is unnecessary. Resort to cured woods and furnishings for a truly traditional feel.


How We Do it Differently


We marry form and function to bring you the latest European interior design principles. We aim to re-energize your spaces with modern aesthetics that invite you to relax and enjoy the thoughtful palettes of your property.

Our passion and appreciation for art help us pick the right size and quality of items and apply them in a minimalist way to ensure the right scale and balance of objects. We study our clients’ lifestyles and work with architects and contractors to create homes that feel true to our clients. Get in touch with us today.


FAQs on European Interior Design

What is European Style Interior Design?

European Interior Design overlaps multiple styles such as Italian, French, Tuscan, English, and Spanish.

Classic European design trends usually incorporate detailed moldings, high ceilings, beams, paneling, checkerboard floors, wood tones, old-world art, marble, and stone.

How did traveling to Europe influence your interior design process?

Europe is richly endowed with art and history. Traveling to Europe gave me a keen eye for choosing exquisite and exotic interior design elements and sparked in me a true passion and appreciation for art.

What's so different about classic European interior style design?

Classic European interior style focuses on the consistency and symmetry of all the items involved in the decoration and is usually preferred by clients who appreciate a timeless yet luxurious look that is tastefully appealing.