Growing up in Paris meant that I wasn’t exposed to Thanksgiving until I moved to the United States. So I didn’t have traditions or customs to look to once we started hosting Thanksgiving dinners in my home here. That’s why, when I decorate my Thanksgiving table, I like to take a lot of creative liberties and put a twist on the expected fall decor. Instead of earthy palettes of pumpkin oranges and autumn browns—though those are beautiful in their own right—I lean toward a more modernized scheme that incorporates sophisticated linens; mixed metals; pink, faceted blown-glass goblets; and black tapered candles in copper holders. I’ll ground the table with chic black dishes, and layer in organic materials like lots of greenery and natural crystals. Recently, I was asked to appear on WPTV to divulge some of my holiday tablescape tips, and I wanted to share them here with you. I’m so thankful to the WPTV team and had such a fabulous time chatting with Hollani Davis about all things design along with my favorite Thanksgiving tradition my family has begun implementing at our table. I hope you’re inspired to get creative and make new traditions and memories at yours!

And here’s a bonus: I also visited WPTV with Chris Gilmore at the start of the season. Here are my tips for creating the perfect fall harvest-inspired tablescape. I may prefer a monochrome palette, but every fall table still needs a pumpkin! Here’s how I like to incorporate the gourds while keeping to my favorite palette of wintry whites.