I learned to ride dressage and hunter jumper at a young age at the Haras des Brulys in the countryside of Fontainebleau, France, about 45 minutes from where I grew up in Paris. I’ve competed and have ridden pretty much everywhere in France from Paris to the beaches of Normandy and the south of France, and then in the US from right here in Wellington to the west coast along Pebble Beach in California. I’ve spent my lifetime loving horses and everything that goes along with an equestrian lifestyle. And as an homage to this passion of mine, I wanted to share some of my equestrian favorites, from art to fashion to riding apparel and accessories. Beginning, of course, with Hermes, the quintessential equestrian lifestyle brand. Hermes began as a saddle maker and to this day stays true to its roots with nods to horses in almost everything it does—from the Hermes logo itself to animal-themed scarves to horses in the jewelry and actual dressage accoutrements.