New York Design Week is one of my favorite times of the year. I look forward to it every spring—to finding inspiration and discovering new artists to share with my clients. This year’s NYCxDESIGN didn’t disappoint. Whether it was the collective exhibition Next Level, showcasing incredible works nestled in an industrial sea of shredded tires; the outdoor sculptural furniture show Inside/Out, offering a breath of fresh air in an elevated park at The William Vale in Brooklyn; or the Tiny House in Times Square that Fernando Mastrengelo designed as a peaceful moment amidst all of the midtown chaos, there was no shortage of eye candy. In case you missed it, here are some of the standouts from Next Level, Inside/Out, ICFF, Brooklyn Designs, and Wanted.


Next Level Photo: via Next Level NYC / Design credits: Andrea Claire Studio, Gentner, Oso Industries x Eidos Glass, Erickson Aesthetics / as seen at Next Level. Tiny House Photo: via Fernando Mastrangelo / as seen in Times Square. Ocrùm Photo: @jeanlucmege via @ocrum_studios / as seen at ICFF. Green Apple Photo: GA Home Style / as seen at ICFF. Inside Out Photo: via Sight Unseen / Photo by Chris Mottalini / Design credits: Clockwise from yellow bench: Bench by Kaye Blegvad, planter by Plant-In City, woven stools by Steven Bukowski and Hannah Bigeleisen, terrazzo benches by Robert Sukrachand, chaise by Asa Pingree, stool by Facture Studio, woven platform by LuccaZeray, black object by Walter Mingledorff / as seen at Inside/Out at The William Vale, curated by Kin & Company and Asa Pingree. Cylinder Tables Photo: via Slash Objects / as seen at Wanted Design. Swings Photo: curated by In The Pursuit / Photo by Patrick Cline / Design credits: swings by Nudo, floor pillows by Avo, table by Kin & Company, tumblers by Studio Joo, incense holder by Light & Ladder / as seen at Brooklyn Designs.